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Phase One is underway.

If you’ve been following along on our social media you see we’re just beginning our restoration projects on the new farm. There’s a lot to do! Here’s what we working on:

  • Test garden – over 20 different heirloom plants and herbs are currently growing.
  • Debris and waste clean-up – remove old structures, dead trees, etc.
  • Re-establish land utilization –  improve native plant species diversity and mitigate the invasive plant species.
  • Pest control (aka chickens)
  • Create habitat – bird nesting spots, feeders, etc.
  • Mushrooms & Microgreens – currently selecting the best strains & seeds for future growing.
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What's Next?

Phase Two is all about research. As we create a baseline for our farmland and it begins to produce our heirloom fruits and vegetables, we’re transitioning to the mushroom and microgreen cultivation. We’re researching strong and nutrient dense varieties we know you’ll love to add to our product lineup.

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